With on-line interactions increasingly becoming the preferred choice of consumers for their shopping, leisure and travel needs, and more recently their banking requirements, it is hardly surprising that there is a growing expectation for similar access to public services through mobile apps.

Such mobile access provides government agencies with opportunities to develop more responsive, more dynamic and more efficient public services.

So, if the demand and the benefits are widely understood, and have been for some time, why has progress been slower than expected?

Well, emerging digital technologies and their application requires the development of new models of service delivery, which in turn requires new sources of capability and expertise.  SMEs are at the forefront of creativity and delivery of this kind of transformation, however, they can often be put off by the time-consuming and complicated procurement process of the public sector.

The new Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework aims to streamline the engagement process by providing a catalogue of services where basic contract terms have already been agreed between government and suppliers and is fully EU compliant. This provides clear benefits for both; buyers can obtain the required services without running a full OJEU (The Official Journal of the European Union) procurement and suppliers can concentrate their focus on innovating and helping to deliver necessary transformational services, rather than managing the long, resource intensive procurement procedures.   

Exception is therefore delighted to be awarded a place on the DOS framework, building upon our extensive experience of providing services to public sector partners in the UK through the G-Cloud and ConsultancyONE frameworks. Our Digital & Technology Consulting practice is specifically designed to provide support to government agencies, assisting their transformation through the utilisation of digital services, building the necessary foundational technologies and infrastructure to expand their reach and enhance service delivery.  

This comprehensive IT and Digital solutions service, now available through the DOS framework, can therefore make the necessary introduction to the solutions that will open up the organisation to its potential benefits and efficiencies, whilst delivering upon those contemporary expectations.

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Peter Humpherson, Manager Government Frameworks

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