We are really excited to be recognised as a Docker Partner. This will enhance our ability to help clients expedite their Digital Transformation providing cost reduction, improved security and flexible support for cloud or on-premise solutions.

In addition, we can implement solutions to modernise traditional applications on more modern infrastructure and architectures. Whether applications are in their infancy or over 30 years old, apps containerisation with Docker can help isolate decades of different software languages, running on different systems, to liberate expensive resources and support your transformation process.

Exception endorsed as a trusted advisor

As a Value Added Reseller Partner, Exception will be able to provide a number of Docker’s benefits to our clients:

  1. Choice – whichever platform or environment a customer chooses to put their applications – cloud, on premise of hybrid – Docker’s products are compatible across the board.
  2. Security – Docker containers are more secure than other approaches with, arguably, the smallest footprint for attack vectors out there.
  3. Agility – Standardisation means speed. Faster development. Faster testing. Easier, faster scalability. In a world where IT is increasingly a driver of competitiveness, Docker containers are the path to being more responsive and delivering value fast to employees and customers.
Docker Benefits - Exception

This recognition places Exception as a trusted advisor building upon our established Cloud Computing, Agile Development and DevOps practices.

Alasdair Hendry, Head of Transformation & Consulting at Exception said:

“I see great potential, particularly around the modernisation of legacy applications and combined with our DevOps and development capability we can make digital solutions a reality more readily than many of our competitors”

Exception has a proven track record in deploying Agile, Cloud and DevOps capabilities to deliver digital products and transformation programs. If you’re considering your next steps or how to approach digital transformation, or you are interested in how to increase business agility, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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