Both Exception and Waracle have invested in Wallet.Services, as we believe blockchain will enable both intra and intercompany collaboration, and our combined customer base is starting to explore uses of blockchain.

Martin Burke, Group Executive Chairman, Exception and Waracle says, “Wallet.Services is an impressive company and we’re eager to collaborate and assist with its growth. This investment highlights our commitment to be at the forefront of emerging technologies in Scotland.”

Chris Martin, CEO, Waracle, added, “We’re excited to be involved and we hope we can help Wallet.Services in expertise and network.”

Wallet.Services announced the conclusion of their successful seed funding round, enlisting a group of tech entrepreneurs and business leaders, to develop the Siccar solution and help accelerate their business success.

Siccar™, applies BlockChain to share data across citizens, government and business to deliver streamlined services whilst enhancing cyber-security. Siccar, old Scots for sure and trusted, was built in close collaboration with Scottish Government’s CivTech® unit. Siccar™ protects sensitive data across regulated process such as license validation, financial product application, or health data sharing. It allows citizens, business and government to collaborate on sensitive data, simplifying citizens digital life, reducing cost and complexity, and protecting privacy and confidentiality.

At Exception, we’re excited about blockchain because of the implication on fintech, public sector organisations and many areas of IoT.

To find out more, check out the recent Scotsman article for additional information.

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