Hiring an in-house software development team for mobile app delivery can be a significant challenge for organisations, not least due to the high market demand for experienced mobile capability. This appears to be supported by recent analysis from Channelinsider(1), which indicated that 85% of enterprises have a mobile app backlog of somewhere between 1 and 20 app projects, and more than 50% of enterprises have a backlog of between 10 and 20 app projects.

As mobile continues to reshape every area of commercial activity, from banking and retail to government and healthcare, the number of apps being developed has increased dramatically. If your organisation is just getting started in mobile, or seeking to develop new apps, knowing where to begin and how to execute effectively requires experienced mobile capability. Whilst many organisations have been able to successfully launch mobile initiatives, many others have found it challenging to meet the expectations of their business.

Getting some momentum behind mobile delivery is often one of the key challenges that organisations need to address. In order to do this you require an experienced team – and if you don’t have an in-house capability then sourcing a managed mobile team to support delivery can be an effective way to tackle this challenge. The managed team approach allows you to quickly deploy an experienced mobile software engineering team into your organisation, under your management, so you can start getting your backlogged app development projects launched in the shortest possible timeframe.

Building a high performance managed team in-house takes time, as you need to source or develop the right talent. One option to expedite this process is to source a mobile managed team to operate in parallel with your existing software development team. The managed team can work simultaneously across multiple platforms to help you meet the demands of the business quickly. It will also enable you to diffuse mobile-first thinking into your organisation, and allow knowledge transfer to take place at a pace that suits your in-house capability plans.

One of the best ways to source a managed team is through an experienced mobile company. Mobile development companies tend to attract the best app development talent, primarily because they enable each developer to work across a variety of platforms and projects. Mobile app development companies also tend to foster a unique culture, whereby mobile engineers are encouraged to work in rapid, iterative development cycles. The best developers find this unique culture stimulating, enabling mobile development companies to hire the best talent.

Here at Exception, we believe that managed teams are an effective way to inject mobile expertise into your company in a seamless and cost-effective manner.

If you’re facing into an app development backlog and you’re interested in sourcing an experienced managed mobile team to support your business, contact Exception today.

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