Exception invests in Augmented Reality company Mozenix

Exception, Scotland’s largest indigenous IT consultancy company has taken a significant minority stake in Dundee-based augmented reality (AR) business Mozenix.

Exception CEO, Scott McGlinchey stated, “Our investment in Mozenix is one we are very excited about. To be able to provide additional expertise in emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality supports our business to deliver cutting edge digital solutions for our clients. ”

Martin Burke, Chairman of Exception & Waracle, has also become Chairman of Mozenix.

Michael Romilly said: “The investment and support we’ll get from Exception is going to be invaluable as we grow our company and AR offering”

In addition to the latest investment in Mozenix, Exception has also invested in Kumulos (Mobile App Performance Software) and Wallet.Services (Blockchain).

About Exception

Exception is an independent IT consulting and services company that helps customers transform digitally and realise opportunities for better business outcomes.  Headquartered in Edinburgh our customers are based throughout the UK and Europe. Our services include Digital Consulting, DevOps, Mobile and Web App Development, Cloud Migration, Change and Transformation, Agile Development Managed Service solutions and Emerging Technology services.

About Mozeniz

Mozenix was incorporated in 2017 and are currently working with a number of high profile companies to develop mobile AR apps, including Aberdeen based Return To Scene (R2S), developing mobile AR apps that help to solve complex process efficiency challenges within the oil and gas sector.

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