It’s here. It’s happened. And it has lift-off! Exception has launched its Integration as a Cloud Service Whitepaper which reveals the significant benefits available to financial service businesses to integrate their oudated legacy applications in the cloud.

Hold onto your hats! One of the most essential documents revealing the importance of integrating legacies with the power of the cloud has been published by Exception.

Its launch comes at a time when digital core transformation in the financial sector is a sizzling hot topic on the technology roadmaps of CIOs and Heads of IT. Delve into this insightful Integration as a Cloud Service Whitepaper and you’ll soon realise why cloud integration is so vital to deliver core transformation of banking services.

The Whitepaper is understood to be among the first ever to examine the challenges of integration in today’s fast-moving digital world. It clearly demonstrates why traditional approaches are no longer optimal, exploring how cloud integration services enable financial service businesses to deliver the seamless digital experience that customers demand.

Integration as a Cloud Service for the financial sector

The Whitepaper unveils just how important it is for financial service businesses to adapt and adopt new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS). Future-proofing is vital: failure to adopt a combination of new and old technology across the IT estate will have a massive impact on organisations’ ability to reduce legacy costs.

The document draws on the collective expertise of Exception’s Technical Architects, and is inspired by Scott Mackay, Technology Leader, and Exception’s CEO, Scott McGlinchey.

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Digital transformation powers financial businesses

“Our Whitepaper is one of the first to look at the integration of new and legacy systems. This is a major issue facing financial organisations,” explains Scott McGlinchey. “The document provides an insight into how financial firms can adopt modern cloud integration to provide a smart approach to support transforming core banking systems.”

Digital transformation is powering financial service businesses. The pace of change across the sector is unprecedented, with increased competition from new fintech disruptors, and the evolution of the sharing economy is forging ahead. The result? Increasing costs of legacy system changes are driving new technology and cloud adoption.

Legacy integration is here. It’s happening.

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