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illustration showing laptop with security icon displaying

Has Remote Working put your Data at Risk?

With cyber security already high on every CIO’s agenda, a key concern is how remote working has impacted data security. By shifting to a new working model at pace, have organisations exposed themselves to yet unidentified vulnerabilities? Do existing business continuity plans take these risks into account?

illustration demonstrating digital first government employee taking advantage of digital workplace

The Cornerstone of Digital First Government is now the Digital Workplace

The public sector are under increasing pressure to harness digital technologies to improve frontline public services, drive efficiency and provide their staff with the right tools and workplace experience to help them deliver the best service to citizens and optimum value for the public purse.

illustration showing Microsoft Teams software

How effective is your Microsoft Teams Governance?

Having an effective Microsoft Teams governance approach gives your workforce the freedom to explore and exploit the potential of Teams without comprising security, wasting time though duplication of effort or creating an uncontrolled sprawl of Office 365 Group and Teams workspaces.

illustration showing person interacting with Office 365 tools

Building an Operating Model fit for Office 365

Having the right operating model in place to manage and govern the platform, as well as supporting your users, is critical to achieving successful adoption and driving maximum business value from Office 365.

laptop graphic showing a video call as example of digital workplace

Strategy & Governance in a Post-Pandemic World

With the significant rise in home working due to the pandemic, having an effective digital workplace is now more important that ever. Increase efficency and staff productivity by having a clear digital workplace strategy and robust governance in place.

Architecting your Cloud Journey

Special secrets to architecting your Cloud Journey

Creating a strong and reliable cloud architecture is essential for long-term IT and enterprise success. Unfortunately, many cloud architectures are constructed haphazardly over several years, failing to meet the demands imposed by rapidly evolving technologies and business requirements. Here are three vital steps to plan ahead for the journey, whether you’re building your first cloud […]

Three vital steps to Cloud Migration ExceptionUK

Three vital steps to Cloud Migration

All packed for your Cloud Migration journey? Failure to prepare properly may also endanger and delay your organisation’s move to the cloud, reducing all the fantastic benefits of transferring your infrastructure and applications to this brave new world. These include faster provisioning times, reduced software development lifecycles, lower IT infrastructure costs and greater future agility […]

AWS Select Consulting Partner

Exception recognised as AWS Select Consulting Partner

As part of the AWS global partner programme, Exception is recognised as a leading digital technology and consulting business, leveraging Amazon Web Services to build cutting-edge digital solutions and services for our customers. Exception provides digital solutions that help customers of all sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS. […]

Why aren't your legacies on the cloud yet? ExceptionUK

Why aren’t your legacies on the cloud yet?

Hold onto your hats! One of the most essential documents revealing the importance of integrating legacies with the power of the cloud has been published by Exception. Its launch comes at a time when digital core transformation in the financial sector is a sizzling hot topic on the technology roadmaps of CIOs and Heads of […]