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How can Scotland’s economy thrive in the Digital era?

Here’s a question: Could we create a more collaborative, cohesive and joined-up Scotland where we help each other in trade and commerce; with real partnerships, with measurable outcomes creating new supply chains and an enhanced indigenous marketplace? Not in place of internalisation but alongside it: effectively developing our own eco-market? We could start in the […]

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Don’t be afraid of embracing “The Cloud”

Current Cloud climate A wealth of off-the-shelf solutions and components are now available, and the selection is ever growing. Almost any functionality required can be purchased as a virtual machine image or as-a-service.  Public Cloud solutions can now also cope with higher performance and scale requirements than ever before – for example Cloud instances to […]

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Cloud and DevOps – delivering real business agility

To achieve this objective many organisations have adopted an Agile-based development process. However, this in itself does not deliver the desired goal of business agility or responsiveness. The adoption of Cloud infrastructure and the implementation of a DevOps process for software development, testing and deployment are now considered essential if an organisation is to become […]

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

 Category 1 – Intelligent Technologies AI Foundation The ability to automate business practices and utilise Artificial Intelligence in business decision making will be a key consideration for CEOs in 2018. Creating added value for customers is at the forefront of digital transformation programs. For an organisation to harness the potential benefits of AI it must […]

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PSD2 – Brexit, disruption and you.

What is PSD2? The Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a fundamental new piece of payments-related legislation in Europe and is the biggest disruption the banking industry has seen in decades. EU regulation – law from January 2018 – looks to shake up the banks’ exclusive rights to customer data and open it up to more […]


Exception in Estonia

Estonia: Small independent nation to global digital powerhouse Post-independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Estonia had to build its national infrastructure from scratch. The Estonian government initially approached a couple of the established global IT infrastructure providers to help at the time, but found they did not have the budget to support such sizeable […]

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Key considerations before embarking on a digital transformation initiative.

Assuming you have an appropriately defined digital strategy, then based on our experience of working with clients across different sectors, I believe that, while no means exhaustive, the following areas are absolutely key to create and deliver a successful digital strategy: Strength in Leadership – social, mobile, analytics, Cloud and the Internet of Things (loT) […]

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Why is it harder for established firms to digitise?

Digital technologies create opportunities to develop new business models, serve customers in innovative ways and run organisations more efficiently and profitably. However, many digital transformation case studies relate to new start-ups, or digital entrants like Uber; they bear scant resemblance to the more traditional and established businesses with complex technology infrastructures and systems developed over […]

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Exception & Waracle invest in Wallet.Services Blockchain Technology

Martin Burke, Group Executive Chairman, Exception and Waracle says, “Wallet.Services is an impressive company and we’re eager to collaborate and assist with its growth. This investment highlights our commitment to be at the forefront of emerging technologies in Scotland.” Chris Martin, CEO, Waracle, added, “We’re excited to be involved and we hope we can help […]