Exception becomes a Docker Partner

In addition, we can implement solutions to modernise traditional applications on more modern infrastructure and architectures. Whether applications are in their infancy or over 30 years old, apps containerisation with Docker can help isolate decades of different software languages, running on different systems, to liberate expensive resources and support your transformation process. Exception endorsed as […]

Is the customer at the centre of your current development project?

Optimise for customer value An organisation’s main driver is to deliver value to the customer, so ask yourself again: “Is my transformation programme truly focused on achieving customer value?” and more importantly, “Is my next release?” I’m sure you’ve seen this before, your Agile delivery is short of time, your sprint planning consists of ensuring […]

Life at Exception

What is your role at Exception and how long have you worked here? I have been at Exception for five years and my role has expanded quite considerably since I first joined. I originally held the position of Head of Human Resources but have taken on the responsibility for internal IT Services, Quality Assurance, Resourcing […]

When Blockchain meets IoT

Interview with Wallet.Services & Waracle | Blockchain Technology In order to help you navigate the rapidly growing and highly lucrative world of blockchain tech, two of Exception’s Emerging Tech partners, Caroline McClelland (Waracle) and Iona Murray (Wallet.Services) have taken the time to discuss how their areas of expertise overlap and how IoT & blockchain initiatives […]

DevOps at Dell Technologies World

Other than tech buffs, hands up who thinks they know what the term actually stands for? Hot off the heels of my trip to Dell Technologies World, staged at the Valley’s “playground” Las Vegas, it became abundantly clear there exists a profound lack of understanding and visibility about how work flows (or doesn’t) through an […]