When implemented effectively, Cloud technology has the potential to reduce costs, streamline business processes and improve the experience for your customers. At a time when cost control is vital, Exception helps organisations leverage the power of the cloud to become more efficient and productive.

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Exception has the tools, knowledge and expertise to make your cloud infrastructure work harder and smarter, driving maximum value from your investment.


Creating the best environment for your business


Ensuring 24×7 availability


Ensuring optimum results through best practice.


Enhancing your environment


Bringing new thinking about digital and cloud technology


Adding value to increase productivity and reduce cost

Specialist Cloud Solutions

As well as our range of consultancy services, we also have specialist cloud solutions designed to help you get the most from your cloud environment:

Intelligent Cloud Monitoring

As companies move to cloud adoption, the sudden growth in new cloud services requires resources to manage and monitor your cloud estate. We provide a flexible, non-intrusive cloud monitoring service for your AWS infrastructure as and when you need it. We monitor your critical infrastructure to ensure uptime and service for your users, while also freeing up your resources for business critical projects.

SaaS Data Back Up

In a time when SaaS solutions are becoming more and more prevalent, the management and control of company data is now a critical component of the IT function. Our SaaS data back up service ensures your data is secure and accessible while also mitigating the risk of SaaS provider failure, data loss and accidental data removal. By utilising API, SFTP, Data Alerts and other transport techniques, we can consume, standardise and manage all your data in the cloud and ensure that it is stored safely and securely in an accessible way.

Legacy Database Migration

Migrate your legacy data and systems onto a cost effective cloud environment that is robust, scalable and secure. As part of our legacy database migration service, our cloud architects work closely with you to understand which workloads to migrate, how and when. Our data experts work closely with you to help you understand your data models, logic and overall database complexity. We interrogate your legacy database structure so you can better understand what cloud data solution is the best fit based on complexity, feasibility and cost.