In a modern digital workplace, employees can communicate, connect and collaborate more effectively and safely. Equipped with the tools they need and expect, they can be more productive, motivated and focused on the most important aspects of their roles. When implemented effectively, a modern digital workplace increases employee productivity, job satisfaction and staff retention. However, these factors do not happen by just implementing software tools. They require robust security, appropriate network capacity, contingency plans in the advent of a disaster or serious outage, staff training and local and remote support. Above all your approach must provide the best value over the longer term.

Wherever you are on your modern digital workplace journey, Exception will support you to achieve your business objectives effectively and with pace.

Vision and Strategy

  • Workplace Experience Strategy 
  • Strategy & roadmap
  • Operating Model definition
  • “Citizen developer” governance, control and industrialisation
  • Adoption and communication strategies 

Digital Workplace Implementation

  • Software appraisal and selection
  • Architecture design and build
  • Desktop migration, adoption & change Management 
  • Business process re-engineering using low code / no code

Evaluation and Support

  • Maturity Assessment Service
  • Optimisation Service
  • Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) Optimisation
  • Governance
  • Quality Assurance