In today’s rapidly changing business environment organisations need to deliver change faster. The complex challenges involved in managing increased levels of change can be daunting and the consequences of failure potentially costly. Positioning your organisation to deal effectively with continuous change is therefore essential. Exception has extensive experience supporting customers to successfully deliver large-scale, complex IT change and transformation initiatives and has worked on some of the largest divestment, integration and transformation programmes in the UK. We appreciate what drives change and have gained valuable insights into how it can be managed successfully – most importantly we understand that all organisations face different challenges and there is no one size fits all solution.

Agile Transformation and Delivery

To be competitive in the digital age, businesses need to achieve agility at scale. Agile software development is a key differentiator and brings with it benefits including faster time to market, higher quality products and satisfied customers. However, achieving agility requires more than just a software development methodology – it requires structural, cultural and technology changes that impact across the organisation. Exception has robust capabilities in agile development, DevOps and cloud and we are currently working with a growing number of organisations to transform their delivery capability through the introduction of advanced agile thinking, processes, tools and techniques.

Strategic Programmes

We specialise in helping organisations deliver complex change programmes by providing industry-leading programme management consulting services, methods and tools. We utilise programme delivery methodologies that are robust, transparent and based on experience drawn from large scale projects across a range of industry sectors. By providing leadership from the start of a project, we give customers the level of confidence and assurance that they require. Our portfolio management services provide you with the systems, methodologies and expertise to manage multiple complex projects in a cost-effective manner. We can assist you from feasibility through to operations, ensuring you have the control, information and transparency required to ensure business success.

Services Integration and Management

The success of a modern, digital enterprise is often determined by how effectively IT and business work together to deliver services that meet the expectations of their end users and customers. We have more than a decade of experience delivering service integration transformation, to both private and public sector customers, and can empower organisations with the insights they need to become strategic enablers of business in the digital economy.  From assessing your current capabilities and technologies to creating a service strategy and roadmap, our service management experts can assist you in creating your digital transformation plans.

Quality Assurance

Exception’s approach to quality assurance is evidence-based and underpinned by an ISO 9001 accredited process framework. Our consultants adopt a constructive and collaborative approach to enable timely identification and resolution of issues that could jeopardise successful delivery of your programme or project. Our framework follows a number of defined phases and encompasses key questions that ensure focus remains on the outcomes of your transformation programme. We offer flexible and bespoke assurance services tailored to your needs. Our assurance services can be engaged to assure software testing, delivery of work programmes or individual projects, or to assess specific functional disciplines, covering structures, process maturity, resource capability and tool utilisation.


The emergence of digital technologies combined with increased customer service expectations makes testing and quality assurance more challenging and important than ever before. The extraordinary impact digital is having on the way businesses interact with their employees, customers and each other is pushing every organisation to rethink its approach to testing. No longer a supporting capability, testing is now a strategic driver of competitive differentiation. Exception’s independent testing and quality assurance services help organisations address these challenges. Our testing methods are well structured and easily adaptable. We deploy modern testing techniques and tools such as requirements validation and traceability, risk-based testing, automated test design and processes to support agile test models.

Environments and Data Management

Many organisations maintain permanent test environments to support the on time delivery of projects. Managing these environments and the associated data requirements, consistently and efficiently across the testing lifecycle for multiple projects can be costly and time consuming. Growing complexity in systems architecture and increasing demands on test environments only add to the challenge. Our test environment and data management services provide the additional expertise required to design and implement fit for purpose test environments, manage data effectively and identify the level of test environment support required to ensure effective test execution.