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business critical cloud transformations

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From optimising infrastructure spend, to aligning a cloud strategy with overarching business goals, many businesses are daunted by the complexity of cloud transformation projects. The ecosystem is highly fragmented, characterised by an overwhelming array of vendor options and solutions. And on top of that, it’s compounded by specialist skills shortages, regulatory mandates, and evolving cybersecurity trends too.

This is where Exception comes in. We’re backed up by strategic alliances with industry-leading cloud providers, while fiercely maintaining our independent stance. We equip you to harness the full potential of cloud technology, covering everything from access to critical data, to migrating key tools and products. We also ensure seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure and proactive compliance management. Our support empowers your business to navigate the complexities of cloud services effectively, aligning your technology initiatives with your strategic business objectives.

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Our areas of expertise

We are dedicated to transforming organisations through the power of cloud and digital technologies. Our mission is to strike a transformation balance between innovation, transformation, and continuity, ensuring that organisations realise the benefits of cloud solutions and cutting-edge technology while seamlessly delivering business-as-usual.

Proven capabilities to digitally transform mission-critical tools, processes, and applications

Cloud Adoption

Cloud technologies are pivotal in today’s landscape. We guide organisations in adopting cloud solutions effectively, optimising costs, and enhancing agility. 

Strategy & Innovation

A comprehensive approach that covers assessment, planning, development, and implementation, focusing on successful outcomes.

Cloud Infrastructure Design

Our holistic, end-to-end cloud transformation methodology uses best design patterns to optimise utilisation and unlock full benefits. We cover initial assessment, solution evaluation, design, implementation, and testing.

Cloud Solution Architecture

Actively communicate vision, implementation steps, and goals, bridging current and future IT states. Explores "what if?" scenarios, assessing impacts throughout the Cloud lifecycle for both technical and business audiences.

Cloud DevOps

A business model that balances adaptability with reliability and service assurance. Our Cloud DevOps consulting services are designed to help businesses foster a culture that embraces change and encourages team innovation.


A commitment to right-sized, cost-effective transformation. We assist customers to modernise by moving to the Cloud but also to modernise legacy on premise applications. 

Integration & Management

ITIL-driven Cloud Service Improvement Initiatives, encompassing analysis, design, development, and implementation, to align cloud technologies with business operations and needs


Cloud consulting expertise that complements our technical delivery capabilities. Through close collaboration with our customers and active engagement with key stakeholders, we provide support in Cloud supplier selection and oversee end-to-end delivery.

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Draining DWQR's legacy

Scotland places a high value on clean water, and the quality of its drinking water is robustly enforced. However, the Drinking Water Quality Regulator's (DWQR) aging Oracle system, built in the mid-2000s, was costly to run, slow, and hindered their ability to identify emerging quality and safety trends.

We swiftly developed a cloud-based solution for DWQR, providing immediate improvements to how the regulator delivers its mandate.

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We're Independent

So we'll always do what's best for you.

We're Driven Specialists

So you're always our top priority.

We're Established

So you're supported by our 20+ years of proven digital delivery.

We're Collaborators

So we drive value with you directly, or as part of a multi-supplier ecosystem.

We're Visionary

So we share our domain and sector thought leadership with you throughout.

We're Agile & Flexible

So we can ramp skilled teams up to your needs and timelines.

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