to doing our part for strong, sutainable societies


to strong, sutainable societies


To transform Financial Services


to doing our part for strong, sutainable societies


to strong, sutainable societies

Our ESG approach aligns with the UK Social Value Act.


As a responsible organisation, we aim to make real improvements towards business, the environment, and society's people.

So we govern our approach and delivery through an independent ESG committee which is mandated to ensure we meet our commitments.

And to add even greater rigour and transparency to our approach, we regularly undergo rigorous assessments from independent bodies too.

We are driven by our core values and doing our part to develop strong, sustainable societies, while upholding ourselves to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.
Alan Anderson
Exception Director and Chair of the ESG Committee

Our accreditations

Our approach is demonstrated and validated through ESG and community accreditations.

Committed to business


Supporting the local SME ecosystem

We're an SME ourselves. So we understand the impact that organisations like us make. Flourishing local businesses enable community growth, create local job opportunities, improve socioeconomic outcomes, and contribute to thriving economies.

Making it easy for SMEs to work with us

We champion SMEs in our supply chain. This is governed by a board-level policy which mandates sourcing at least 60% of our operational supplies (excluding staff) from SMEs. We have an ambitious goal to grow this further to 70% by 2027.

Speedy payments

Understanding the financial constraints of SMEs, we prioritise prompt payments to all our suppliers. Our average payment window of 14 days is vastly better than the recommended minimum of 30-60 days defined in the Prompt Payment Code. We pride ourselves on this significant ethical stance.

Committed to sustainability


Reducing our impact and advancing sustainability in everything we do

The climate emergency presents tangible dangers to the UK and global societies. In response, we have adopted a comprehensive strategy that is both ambitious and grounded in scientific data.

Progress on our journey is monitored and reported to our Board on a half-yearly basis. Measurement is independent and evidence-based, managed by EcoVadis. We use the ratings to help inform our key sustainability initiatives and to integrate sustainability into every part of our business.

Our journey to net-zero

We are making significant strides towards environmental sustainability. So far we've invested in green buildings, renewable energy, and waste reduction strategies. This includes - amongst others - transitioning to paperless operations, encouraging low-carbon commutes and business travel, and adopting ambitious reforestation, seed planting, and rewilding practises. 

To measure our impact, we engage Ecovadis to audit and certify our ESG and environmental progress. This rigorous assessment, based on international sustainability standards, was most recently completed in September 2023. By achieving a silver rating, we have placed among the top 25% of assessed companies, demonstrating our commitment to integrating sustainability throughout our business. We plan to implement further improvements based on the certification recommendations and pursue re-certification in September 2024.

Committed to people


Bringing more people into tech

We are committed to enabling diversity in our industry with a focus on groups which are underrepresented in the digital and tech industries, including disabled individuals, women, and ex-armed forces personnel. We also value the unique skills and contributions of neurodivergent individuals. 

Creating opportunities for disabled people

As a Disability Confident accredited organisation, we actively look towards attracting and retaining individuals with disabilities. Additionally, we proactively adjust our environment and working conditions for employees who develop or acquire disabilities to make sure they stay in employment. Our approach goes beyond the minimum legal standards, and includes bespoke support that can cover things like specialised equipment, training, and tailored ways of working. We ensure our facilities are fully accessible, and that we promote disability awareness among all employees to uphold our commitments effectively.


We value a neurodiverse workforce and we benefit from the analytical and creative contributions that individuals with cognitive differences bring. To enable this, we encourage voluntary neurodivergence disclosure to help employees and candidates articulate inclusive and required working and environmental adjustments. 

Proudly supporting those who've served

As a signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant, we ensure fairness and respect for military personnel and their families. While maintaining the rigor of recruitment standards, we prioritise ex-servicepeople through accelerated recruitment processes and equitable treatment. Reservist employees receive paid time-off for training, and we facilitate smooth transitions if they’re mobilised. We value the contributions of serving personnel and veterans, supporting various military-focused initiatives such as Armed Forces Day and the Poppy Appeal.

Exception and Modern Slavery


A best-practice approach, aligned to the UN Global Compact

Modern slavery is a significant human rights issue. Not only are victims left without receiving proper compensation for their labour, but they are often subject to human trafficking and exploitation, living their lives in control for their captors’ commercial gain.

While, due to our organisational size, Exception is exempt from producing an annual modern-day slavery statement, we recognise the severity of this issue, and are committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our corporate activities.

In this regard, and to exceed the minimum requirements defined in the Modern Slavery Act, 2015, we have chosen to proactively adopt best business practice by producing a modern slavery statement. 

Our statement undergoes a thorough Board-level review and update each year. It adopts the core values of the United Nations Global Compact and includes the elimination of all forms of forced compulsory labour, and the effective abolition of child labour. 

Modern slavery in our supply chain

We believe that we are shielded from downstream risks due to us not maintaining a global supply chain.

That said, our supply chain is strategically made up of a large proportion of UK-based SME's who are themselves exempt from maintaining modern slavery statements. To govern this, we have defined a baseline expectation for suppliers. It means that  in the absence of their own measured policy, we require them to commit full alignment with ours.