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Masterminding your strategy for ethical AI with a conscience

In an era where AI is reshaping the very fabric of our digital world, as a Digital Leader you’re not only a pioneer of technology advancement but a...

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From storytime to strategy: harnessing Generative AI's power for CIOs

Generative AI is beyond a fun toy to illuminate your children's bedtime stories (try that if you haven’t!), but now a formidable asset for CIOs to...

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Sky's the Limit? AI for Cloud Sustainability can reach new heights

If ever there was a strong case to accelerate cloud and climate sustainability, look no further than the power of AI. It could offer significant...

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Serverless: the cost cutting solution to the £8.8 million in wasted cloud services?

For many CIOs and CFOs, it’s what keeps them up at night: The ticking clock of wasted operating costs that burn a hole in their Digital Budgets,...

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Empowering vision for your Digital Government Roadmap

By Graham Adamson and Alan Anderson

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The 3 rules to guarantee pay back on cloud transition every CIO must know about

By Neil Campbell, Exception Head of Cloud and Cyber “Science and technology revolutionise our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our...

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