In today’s fast-paced environment business and technology are inextricably linked. Businesses that thrive are those that plan ahead for emerging technologies, adopting the very best digital solutions at the right time. Working in collaboration with our partner ecosystem, our technology specialists have deep experience applying technologies to meet business goals. Using agile techniques and rapid prototyping, we use this expertise to help customers explore what’s possible with new digital technologies. The emerging technologies we work with include:

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is the real-time use of information in the form of text, graphics and audio integrated with real-world objects. The information appears as visual or audio supplements that help a worker more efficiently undertake a task. Mobile phones, tablets and smart glasses, such as Vuzix or Epson Moverio, are all active platforms that will drive the next wave of AR.  Working with Exception’s digital specialists, and our partner company Mozenix, we offer strategy, design and prototype development services for Apple ARKit and Google ARCore platforms.

Internet of Things (IoT)

As more technology is networked, IoT devices are enabling organisations to monitor, control, optimise and automate operations in ways that were not previously possible. With hands-on experience creating real-world IoT solutions for a range of use cases, our app developers, digital architects and data specialists can help you test your IoT ideas and assess deployment feasibility. We adopt an agile approach through the build, test and learn phases as we move towards creating prototypes, and a final secure IoT application.


As Blockchain technology matures, it continues to be cited as the next disruptive wave in digital business. Organisations from banking to government are increasingly interested in its potential, and those that take early steps to explore the opportunities are the ones most likely to reap the benefits Blockchain will inevitably bring. Working with our partner Wallet.Services, we help customers understand the trends, applicability, business impact and deployment strategy considerations of blockchain.

Voice Activated Services

The Amazon Echo allows us to design and develop experiences that enable voice-driven, hands-free connected computing. We can provide a comprehensive set of ‘Alexa’ consulting and development services to help businesses provide voice-activated services in a more intuitive way using voice.  This is an exciting new technology, which has been evolving and continues to improve. Our development team have hands-on experience of working with customers to integrate Amazon Alexa into their digital products, enabling endless business opportunities and creating new ways to engage customers.