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organisations to revolutionise the way they operate through AI


organisations to revolutionise the way they operate through AI

The potential of AI is limitless.
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Implementing AI solutions can be a daunting task for businesses, often hindered by a lack of clear strategy, poor or insufficient data quality, and the need for specialised expertise. The landscape is complicated by rapidly evolving AI technologies, diverse vendor options, and the necessity for robust data governance frameworks. Additionally, organisations must navigate ethical considerations and potential biases in AI models, which can further exacerbate the challenges.

This is where Exception comes in. With end-to-end expert guidance that covers everything from initial concept to deployment, we help you plan, create, and execute effective AI strategies that align tightly with your organisational requirements. And with a wide service and capability portfolio that includes stakeholder involvement, tool selection, vendor management, technical integration and organisational change,  you can rest assured that your AI deployment is sustainable, innovative, and scalable.

Our areas of expertise

Our team of consultants, developers and architects take the approach of understanding the unique nature of your business. Then they find the right balance between innovation, efficiency and continuity. This shines a light on the best solutions to enhance your processes, decision-making capabilities, and customer experience, while seamlessly delivering business-as-usual.

Our proven capabilities cover everything from vendors, processes, applications and change


Identify clear objectives and develop a comprehensive AI strategy that defines high-value opportunities for AI implementation and which aligns with organisational goals and objectives. 


Data source identification, auditing, verification, validation, and cleansing to ensure that the AI product doesn't take any insight from poor quality, irrelevant, or non-compliant data. 

Use Case

Map business processes to use cases to gain laser-focused insight into organisational needs, operational readiness, and benefit-prioritisation on the areas where AI will drive the greatest value. 

Architecture & Technical Design

Allied tightly with the AI strategy, use cases and our vendor independence, architect AI solutions that are robust and scalable, drawing on the latest products and technology best practice.  


Safeguards to ensure that the AI product aligns with the organisational purpose and core values, in addition to solid adherence with best ethical practices, regulations and standards.


Structured accelerators to automate, enhance and optimise existing business processes, while continuously improving through a framework that quickly identifies future areas of AI integration and automation.

Change &

Proven methods and activities to ensure stakeholder involvement and buy-in from day one, support for organisational change, and bespoke training interventions to ensure sound internal AI literacy.


Trusted advisor support throughout the lifecycle - from PoC's to production - on the deployment of AI innovation, including product selection, vendor management and technical integration.

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Facing the future: facial recognition at Scottish Prisons

When the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) came to us to transform their existing prisoner records system, we demonstrated how best practice AI experimentation can improve delivery efficiency and reduce cost.

The AI performs facial recognition on SPS’s 8,000 inmates, saving workers time and also making prisons more secure though improved efficiency of identification, and the better traceability of prisoners.

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AI: Prototype to Production


AI promises unprecedented opportunities for improved operational efficiencies, reliability and service delivery

But a paradoxical reality hides beyond the hype: it’s far from straightforward to implement in an established, governance-led, enterprise IT environment.

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