digital possibilities for Britain's criminal justice and emergency services


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digital possibilities for Britain's criminal justice and emergency services

Reforming and transforming for the digital age


Britain's criminal  justice and blue light sector faces significant digital challenges, including combating sophisticated cybercrime and performing complex digital forensics, managing and integrating vast amounts of data across various systems, and addressing a critical digital skills gap among frontline staff. 

This is where Exception comes in. Our ethos is "police first, digital second" - we prioritise people and processes as part of the digital journey. This has resulted in successful transformations for some of the UK's largest police and prison services, including the world's first replatform of Niche RMS on Azure cloud. 

And often to tight deadlines and budgets too. 


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Digital Transformation

Everything from engineering, to people, tools, processes and delivery. We help you understand the options and deliver a digitally future-proofed organisation. 

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An infrastructure that’s custom-built to match your needs, outcomes and budget – all backed up by independent advice and vendor accredited delivery.

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Talent on tap to enable quick technology outcomes. From individual consultants, to complex multi-team solutions, and fully underpinned by our delivery pedigree.

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Develop, integrate and manage AI products and solutions to create new revenue streams, increased margins and improved service delivery.

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We bring delivery expertise to many criminal justice and blue light categories, including:

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Six forces, one cloud: engineering a world-first 

Moving any organisation to a new platform is tricky, but when you add six individual police services, expiring manufacturer support, aging hardware, and upcoming data centre contract renewals into the mix, you’re left with a pervasive challenge.

Our role was to help six individual police forces achieve the ambitious task of migrating their Niche RMS (Records Management System) to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. And to add the challenge: no one else, anywhere in the world, had ever done it before.

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I can’t underestimate the wealth and breadth of skills and expertise utilised in the endeavour and I want to thank each and every one in Exception's team for helping us realise our vision.
Chief Inspector and Delivery Owner
Niche RMS Combined Forces

Always by your side, when it matters most

We partner closely with our clients. From rolling up our sleeves and working through the night so a promise is kept, to cheering your wins and successes, we're always by your side when it matters most.

It means that we give our all to finding you the best possible path to meaningful digital transformation.

And our commitment doesn't end there. We upskill your teams too, making sure that your journey remains sustainable and continues to thrive - even after we've handed everything over to you.

The difference we make 

You're always our biggest priority. Here's how:


We're Independent

So we'll always do what's best for you.

We're Driven Specialists

So you're always our top priority.

We're Established

So you're supported by our 20+ years of proven digital delivery.

We're Collaborators

So we drive value with you directly, or as part of a multi-supplier ecosystem.

We're Visionary

So we share our domain and sector thought leadership with you throughout.

We're Agile & Flexible

So we can ramp skilled teams up to your needs and timelines.
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Facing the future: facial recognition at Scottish Prisons

When the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) came to us to transform their existing prisoner records system, we demonstrated how best practice cloud architecture using serverless technology could be secure, scaleable and robust while also reducing costs.

And we used this infrastructure to implement AI too. It performs facial recognition on SPS’s 8,000 inmates, saving workers time and also making prisons more secure though improved efficiency of identification, and the better traceability of prisoners.

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Some organisations we're proud to have supported

From regional constabularies to national agencies and prison services, we've helped criminal justice and blue light organisations to transform into modern, technology-driven Services.

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