The EU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) comes into force on the 17th January 2025.


UK Financial Services organisations will be required to comply. How ready are you?


DORA enhances financial service resilience and cybersecurity 

While financial services organisations will agree this is a positive piece of regulation that will meaningfully safeguard the entire financial ecosystem, implementing DORA presents a significant set of challenges.

CIOs must navigate integrating comprehensive risk management frameworks, ensuring stringent oversight of third-party providers, and enhancing incident response capabilities. They must also invest in upgrading technology infrastructure and provide continuous training to staff, all while maintaining alignment with existing governance structures.

Put simply, DORA demands CIO attention. And CIO's need to ready themselves for the big DORA switch on.

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left until DORA comes into force



Legacy to Leader: how DORA can spark innovation in Britain’s building societies

For CIOs in smaller financial institutions, like Britain’s building societies, DORA can be so much more than just a regulation. Forget one and done, and instead look to DORA as a much-needed springboard for modernising legacy investments, supercharging delivery processes, and rapidly bringing customer-centric products to market.

Knowledge and practical strategies to comply with DORA, enhance operational resilience, and foster a culture of innovation 

Our ebook equips CIOs with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of DORA and drive their organisations even further than simply complying with it, but instead towards a more secure and resilient future.

We share practical advice on implementing robust ICT risk management, incident reporting, and resilience testing frameworks, in addition to actionable insights int managing third-party risks and enhancing governance, enabling CIOs to not only achieve compliance but also leverage DORA as a catalyst for innovation and growth. 

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