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Unearthing the complexities of cloud data migration

Unearthing the complexities of cloud data migration


The Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland (DWQR) ensure that drinking water in Scotland is safe to drink.

The DWQR wished to undertake a Discovery exercise to identify the options available for the replacement of their current data management and reporting system so that they could modernise and gain the benefits of adopting Cloud technology. Exception worked in partnership with DWQR to understand their data models, logic and complexity contained within the database. By deploying our legacy cloud migration software tools and expertise, we were able to assess and demonstrate to DWQR the effort, risk and challenges that they would encounter migrating their Oracle datastore from on-premise to a new Cloud service.

How We Help

We interrogated their legacy database structure and analysed it against potential target database products. During this process, we also worked closely with DWQR to better understand the data within the current solution, how it is managed and what type of output the business requires. Our detailed analysis allowed DWQR to examine future alternatives and measure the complexity, feasibility and cost of each solution.
Following the completion of the work, DWQR also understood the complexity of their current data store. The work performed also provided an in-depth analysis of the issues, required changes and compatibility with their future cloud database options.

Our service provides:

  • A cost-effective discovery of legacy systems providing a better understanding of current systems to enable faster cloud migration
  • A better technical understanding of legacy software databases to help future procurements helping mitigate risks
  • Independent analysis to aid your choice of new database options


"We have really appreciated your input and help on this migration. It has given us an early insight into the migration troubles that would otherwise in all likelihood have been an afterthought that would cause very big headaches. We now understand that we need to de-risk this area in alpha and we can now take steps to do so."

Information and Data Manager / Drinking Water Quality Regulator



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