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Smarter Digital Working at Scale in Financial Services

Smarter Digital Working at Scale in Financial Services


Exception helped a key customer, a UK financial services organisation with over 3,000 people, to smoothly and safely migrate its workforce to a remote working set-up within days of lockdown announcements.

The challenge - Smarter Digital Working

To be able to operate effectively, employees needed access to data and resources held within the corporate network.

Traditionally, our customer, like many other organisations in financial services and other industries, relied on remote access methods such as VPN connection.

While this was a viable solution where remote access was limited, the VPN could not cope with the larger scale remote access, with all the workforce (over 3,300 people) needing to access systems and data from home.

Our customer needed another way for its workforce to access data and applications so they could do their job from home. It had to be secure and it had to be implemented rapidly.

The solution - Digital Workspace Platform

Following a rapid and thorough Discovery and Research Exercise, we recommended implementing Citrix Workspace, a digital workspace software platform that allows multiple users to remotely access and operate desktops via devices located elsewhere.

The result - smarter working in a matter of days

Exception's agile and pragmatic approach enabled it to help transition colleagues safely to a robust remote access solution, enabling them to work remotely without dropping productivity levels and still deliver the necessary outputs.

Over 3,300 people were transitioned to home working within days of lockdown being announced.

Exception worked in partnership with the organisation to improve the connectivity, ensuring that productivity and security performed at optimum levels.

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