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Accelerating Digital Capability at Lincolnshire Police

Accelerating Digital Capability at Lincolnshire Police


Lincolnshire Police serves a diverse and unique county in the East of England of over a million people. Their policing purposes are to stop crime and anti-social behaviour, protect people from harm, and help those in need.

In late 2020, the Police and Crime Commissioner made the decision not to extend its 10 year strategic partnership agreement with an outsourcing partner which meant bringing several core functions, including the ICT service, in-house by April 2022. A smooth and secure transition of the service, with minimal or no operational disruption was vital. During the planning of the future service provision, it was clear that strategic gaps needed to be addressed to create a future service and digital capability that could better support operational policing, meet rising digital demand, and unlock the potential of innovative digital technology.

How We Help

Having worked with Lincolnshire Police and other criminal justice organisations, Exception had excellent insight on these challenges and was well-placed to support the Chief Officer team in achieving their aims. Together, we developed a programme of work with the core objectives of supporting the successful transition of the ICT service and accelerating the development of a strategic digital capability.

To achieve the core objectives, our structured work programme had several streams of activity, each with its own specific objectives and outputs, and benefits to be realised.

  • Transition Support

    Identifying and mitigating the risks around the ICT service transition, guiding the process, and helping ensure key ICT projects and technology decisions were driven forward
  • Strategy & Direction

    Developing a 3-year Digital & Data strategy and Technology Roadmap to establish a clear way forward and supporting the recruitment of a Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Architecture

    Establishing an Enterprise Design Authority to ensure effective architectural oversight and design governance
  • ICT Business Support

    Driving improvement in the governance and control of the ICT change portfolio

Our team met all the objectives of the work programme on time, supporting Lincolnshire Police to achieve a successful transition of the ICT service. We accelerated the development of their strategic digital capability, setting up key processes and practices as a platform for transforming future digital and data services.


"Exception really understood our challenges and what we needed to achieve in a relatively short timescale against a hard deadline. Their team worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to positively deliver the agreed outcomes and contributed greatly to achieving a successful transition of our ICT service and development of our strategic ICT & Digital capability."

Commercial Partnership Manager / Lincolnshire Police

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