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Creating a Cloud First Bank at Scottish National Investment Bank

Creating a Cloud First Bank at Scottish National Investment Bank


The Scottish National Investment Bank (SNIB) is a new institution established to provide finance and to catalyse Scottish economic growth by powering innovation and accelerating the move to a low carbon, connected, globally competitive and inclusive nation.

To ensure low IT management and overhead costs, SNIB adopted a cloud first strategy, selecting a range of SaaS software solutions to manage operations across all departments such as HR, Finance and Operations.

How We Help

To ensure the bank retained control of their data, SNIB engaged with Exception to provide a data back-up service for all their SaaS solutions so the Bank can extract and backup their data in a separate, monitored and secured location. This means they can quickly reinstate data into another vendor app if required. Helping them maintain control of their data, has given them the confidence that they are protected should any of their SaaS products fail.


"Exception's expertise and support has been invaluable on our journey to launching Scotland's National Investment Bank. Their service gives us control of our data and gives us confidence that our data is protected against the risk of both accidental and malicious data loss."

Digital Programme Manager / Scottish National Investment Bank




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