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Digital Innovation at the Scottish Prison Service

Digital Innovation at the Scottish Prison Service


The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) is an executive agency of the Scottish Government responsible for the punishment, rehabilitation and safety of approximately 8000 prisoners at any one time. Their existing prisoner records system, PR2, an Oracle forms application used by 4500 SPS staff, is coming to end of life and so SPS were looking for a partner to demonstrate how a new, improved prison record system could increase efficiency and reduce costs.


How We Help

Through a series of workshops, our team worked with the client to gather requirements and explore the underlying needs and challenges of the organisation, looking at how digital innovation could enhance operations. From there, our team of experts designed a proof of concept that would demonstrate how:

  • best practice cloud architecture using serverless technology could be secure, scaleable and robust while also reducing costs
  • a clean, intuitive user interface could transform the user experience, making it easier for prison workers to do their job and allow them to be more efficient with their time

The PoC re-imagined user journeys with a clean, intuitive interface, making it easier to use and support prison workers. It also used the power of Amazon’s AI tools to perform facial recognition on prisoners, saving workers time and also making the system more secure.

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